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Is your home garage door not working properly lately? Has it started to act up? Can you not get it to close or open the way it should everytime? Maybe it is making weird noises whiles opening or closing? If so, it might be time to call for the help of a professional service now, since garage door repair is not an easy job.

Garage door issues are either technical or in the case of you having an electric opener mechanical. It's possible that a single hardware part  has been stuck and is not working as it should; another option will be a broken part within the garage door opener itself or an electric issue. Repair either one of these issues may not necessarily be an easy task for someone other than a garage door professional who knows every small part (of many) that make up a garage door. An attempt gone wrong may actually make the issue worse damaging your home's garage door or even worse to yourself or a loved one. If you have any issues with your home garage door call Royal Garage Door at 718-713-8677 and we will send a technician to diagnoise the issue and give you a very compatitive price.

Royal Garage Door New York Services include:

  • Residentrial and Commercial garage door replacement or a new door installation
  • Repair or install garage door opener
  • Replace broken springs
  • Repair or replace damaged track or bent tracks
  • Repair snapped cables
  • Repair worn rollers / hinges
  • Repair or replace broken cables
  • Adjust and repair dented sections (if possible)
  • Repair doors off track
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Our representative at Royal Garage Door New York will do the best to answer all your questions by phone and if we can't we will send our technician out to you. A fully equipt, professional garage door tech will arrive at the location ready to solve any New York garage door repair problem you have today.


In case a  garage door repair, garage door opener repair, garage door installation or a garage door opener installation is needed, please contact Royal Garage Door Brooklyn online or CALL TODAY at (718) 713-8677

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