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The importance of maintaining their garage doors regularly is well known, with one thing in everybody's mind - keeping the unwanted out. Poor working or not secured enough garage doors can create and easy access for burglars, letting them into your precious belonging or even worse house. A garage door break-in incident can be easily avoided by the owners by keeping a close eye and repairing their garage door issues on time. 

Garage door is very similiar to other pieces of hardware available in market – they tend break. Take the springs for example, doesn't matter how the quality of your door is even if you have the best quality garage door, it’s very likely you'll be putting some good amount of time into fixing your garage door hardware, the springs for example tend to rust and snap. Of course, trying to replace the springs yourself is something you can do, but if you are not 100% certain of what you are doing this could be a dangerous task. Garage door springs carry a lot of tension which if not placed right could easily fly off and break something in your garage or even worse harm you or your loved ones. In this case the door can also snap back down and cause the same. Obviously safety comes first! If your garage door has broken rollers or missing some, has a cable which is broken or got lose (fell off the rollers), has broken springs or even a spring or if your garage door is not moving normally for any other reason CALL Royal Garage Door Long Island Today at 516-252-6010 and we will send a technician to diagnoise the problem and give you an estimate for repair right away.

Royal Garage Door Long Island Services include:

  • Residentrial and Commercial garage door replacement or a new door installation
  • Repair or install garage door opener
  • Replace broken springs
  • Repair or replace broken cables
  • Repair or replace damaged track or bent tracks
  • Repair snapped cables
  • Repair worn rollers / hinges
  • Adjust and repair dented sections (if possible)
  • Repair doors off track
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Our representative at Royal Garage Door Long Island will do the best to answer questions over the phone and if we can't we will send our technician out to you. Be sure one of our professional garage door technicians will arrive at your house fully equipt and ready to solve any issue needed to be resolved.

For all garage door installation, opener and repair needs, contact Royal Garage Door Long Island online or call us at (516) 252-6010.

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